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Sunday, August 7th, 2022
TOTAL: 1,076,324 NUDE: 247,694


Sunday, August 7th's most popular celebrities on DAINEWS:
  1 - Chloe Sevigny - 585 pictures online!
  2 - Hilary Swank - 489 pictures online!
  3 - Gabriela Lera - 21 pictures online!
  4 - Darlanne Fluegel - 31 pictures online!
  5 - Jane Leeves - 113 pictures online!

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Kaley Cuoco - Click to view the full size image!
Kaley Cuoco

Q:4 N:2 - 1881 - 1400x1200 226kb

What?!?!? Another celebrity picture site on the internet?
    What makes DAINEWS any different than any of the other 23 million celebrity picture sites out there? Quality, consistent updates, price and speed!
    Other sites claim to have the largest collection of pictures on the Internet. DAINEWS doesn't want to have the most pictures, just some of the best pictures. Does that mean there is no crappy pictures on DAINEWS? No, there are still some crappy pictures here too. Some actresses have very few pictures available and they may be low quality, but I try my best to have a wide selection of celebrities available so I keep some of the lesser quality pictures to make the celebrity collection more complete.
    I built DAINEWS for speed from the ground up. With the picture database system you can quickly view the newest pictures or just as easily find pictures of your favorite celebrity fast! You can also keep up with the latest info and pictures on the live celebrity picture message board (message forum) that allows people from all over the world to post pictures and discuss celebrities and other topics in almost real time.

 This is a picture database? What does that mean??
    One of the many things that sets DAINEWS apart from the other sites out there is the on-line picture database. All the pages on DAINEWS are generated on-the-fly by a database engine to offer you complete control over number of thumbnails per page, the ability to choose and view pictures based on nudity & picture quality and much more!
    I look through an average of 458 pictures per day that are gathered from celebrity newsgroups or sent directly to the on-line message board.Graph of weekly picture additions to DAINEWS over the last 7 weeks. The majority of the pictures I see are deleted because of quality or duplication reasons. The 125 or so pictures I keep per day for inclusion on DAINEWS are rated based on nudity level (non nude to fully nude) and quality level (OK to Excellent). I also attach the appropriate name to each picture so it's easy to locate and view pictures based on the celebrities name.
Search the DAINEWS Database and see which celebrities have pictures available on-line right now! DAINEWS currently has 326,330,576,818 bytes of pictures on-line!

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Who runs this site and why??
    This site is run by one guy. I set up the hardware and programmed most of the software used here. This isn't my full time job, it's a hobby. I have two other real-world jobs besides running this site and a family. I originally started a celebrity web site in 1996 for fun and created celebrity pictures from video captures of movies and TV and still occasionally do a picture when I find the time. I started DAINEWS on July 22, 1998. I mainly see this site as a fun hobby. I have met a lot of great people on-line and have learned a lot about databases, hardware and programming while running it!
Every picture on DAINEWS has thumbnail preview images, 
is rated for nudity level and picture quality level. 
Plus: When looking through thumbnails in the database you 
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